Do you want this to be you?

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My site gets viewed by thousands of people. Photos I post are searchable and anyone, anywhere, can see them.

Do you want to be humiliated? Have me treat you like the pathetic worthless slut you are and then paste your disgusting photos all over the internet without your consent? Come give control to me. Your fate will be in my cruel hands and you’ll be helpless to stop me from mocking and degrading you in the most public of forums.

This slut's ass is just begging for a huge load. Think his wife knows?


Getting what you deserve

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Have you misbehaved? Been selfish? Treated women badly? Not given your Domme the respect she deserves?

I find CBT to be a delicious punishment for all those bad little sluts that don’t know their place. Or even the good ones that I just want to hurt for my own amusement. What can be more fun that crushing that pathetic little sack or trying to turn a cock into puree? I love to turn a supposed man into snivelling snot-nosed little boy with his nuts under my heel. I love to rope him up so tightly his tiny dick turns purple and his veins almost pop. Put his sorry excuse for a package into a vice and squeeze until his eyes roll back. Really the only time that I’d ever want to touch one of my sluts shrivelled little cocks or wrinkled balls is if I plan on squashing them like grapes.

Pathetic little slut

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One of my little sissy sluts is about to be locked up in chastity for quite a bit. However, in the meantime, I thought I’d have some fun humiliating the pathetic excuse for a man on my blog. I mean, really- what kind of supposed man looks and talks like this?:

What a sissy clit faggot.

“i admit that i am not a real man. A real man doesn’t like to wear garter belts, stockings, diapers and plastic panties. A real man doesn’t have his clitty locked up. i am truly a useless little sissy.”

Is this you?

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It’s not surprising you’re unable to please a woman with that pathetic excuse for a cock. I’m sure every female you’ve ever been with has had to spend her whole paycheck on dildos and new batteries for her vibrator since you’re unable to do anything with that pinky-sized erection. You’ve been cheated on? Of course you have. Any woman that tried to date you would be out-on-the-town searching for a stud the minute you pulled down your pants and she saw that disgusting limp worm hanging between your legs. Are you still a virgin? I’m not sure anything you could do with that sissy clit possibly counts as sex.

Don’t worry, I won’t ever expect you to perform with that he-clit of yours. If you’re a good boy and put your tongue to use, or just find me some nice studs to fuck, maybe I’ll let you rub it until you squirt out some of your pussy juice. Frankly, I find it disgusting, but it’s funny to just point and laugh sometimes- so at least you can provide me with a small amount of amusement. Maybe I can invite some real men over to show you what a cock really looks like and what you do with it. That little worm you have is utterly useless, and you’re lucky any woman would even take the time to mock you. Maybe if you behave well, I can teach you how to start taking cock, since you clearly have none to give.

The Science of Ballbusting?

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Found this on another site. Interesting. Any volunteers for me to try it out on?

Let’s play a game

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You give me:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your personal information
  • Incriminating photos
  • Devastating videos
  • Humiliating chat-logs
  • Confessions of your most depraved and disgusting of desires

I give you

  • the experience of being totally controlled
  • public and widespread humiliation
  • the fear that any day, at any moment, you could be outed to friends, family, or coworkers
  • unmitigated cruelty and degradation
  • strict demands in order to keep your shameful activities a secret
  • a ruined, shamed, and humiliatied shell of a life from the one you started with- one in which you live everyday with the knowledge everyone has learned your secrets and thinks you’re a disgusting, worthless, and pathetic piece of trash

Sound like fun?

Learn to suck cock

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Do you dream about being forced to suck off and fuck other men? I love taking straight men and forcing out their inner sissy faggot. Getting them down on their knees, face-to-face with a well-hung male swaying in their face. Then shoving their sissy slut face in front of the giant cock and yelling at them to “Suck!” Of course, I don’t tolerate disobedience, and any little faggot that dared even hestitate would be sorry that he was ever born. So of course he’d open up that pretty little mouth and take the cock in. Most new little slut faggots don’t know how to suck correctly, it takes practice- so it’s only natural that they gag and sputter and have some drool. I forgive this as long as they show enthusiasm for their work. Eventually, they get rewarded with a nice big load dumped straight down their throat. They get to have a little cum-reminder floating around in their guts for awhile. Delightful. Next stop- the asscunt.