Lucky Cuck

One of my many interests is cuckolding. Few little male bitches out there really know how to please a woman, so the best they can normally do is watch while a hulk of a man fucks me with his big dick. Most sluts out there grovelling for my attention could never hope to have a cock large enough to please me, so they get to sit and compare their shrivelled little worm with the giant cock of the bull riding me. Maybe, if they’re lucky, I’ll let them rub their tiny clitty while I moan in ecstasy under the weight of the man on top of me. Slutty cunts should be happy to see that there’s someone that’s able to please their Mistress, even if it’s not them. Only the most devoted and obedient of my sluts will be lucky enough to suck the cum from my pussy and have part of my juices inside them.


~ by mistressdylan on February 13, 2010.

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