I’ll hold your key

Male chastity. Few things are more delicious than having a male slut lick my pussy, use a strap-on (in place of his worthless dick), or simply give me a vibrator to get myself off while he sits and squirms locked up in his cage. All women know that males are completely useless after they cum, so it’s best to keep them frustrated as long as possible. Little sissy sluts are much easier to keep under your heel when they know their orgasm is under your control. Best to keep the key in a safe place where they can’t get it, and torment them with the possibility of release (though not the reality) as often as convenient. I love enjoying earth-shaking orgasms while my little bitches snivel and grovel with painful throbbing hard-ons that I have no intention of relieving.


~ by mistressdylan on February 14, 2010.

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