Is this you?

It’s not surprising you’re unable to please a woman with that pathetic excuse for a cock. I’m sure every female you’ve ever been with has had to spend her whole paycheck on dildos and new batteries for her vibrator since you’re unable to do anything with that pinky-sized erection. You’ve been cheated on? Of course you have. Any woman that tried to date you would be out-on-the-town searching for a stud the minute you pulled down your pants and she saw that disgusting limp worm hanging between your legs. Are you still a virgin? I’m not sure anything you could do with that sissy clit possibly counts as sex.

Don’t worry, I won’t ever expect you to perform with that he-clit of yours. If you’re a good boy and put your tongue to use, or just find me some nice studs to fuck, maybe I’ll let you rub it until you squirt out some of your pussy juice. Frankly, I find it disgusting, but it’s funny to just point and laugh sometimes- so at least you can provide me with a small amount of amusement. Maybe I can invite some real men over to show you what a cock really looks like and what you do with it. That little worm you have is utterly useless, and you’re lucky any woman would even take the time to mock you. Maybe if you behave well, I can teach you how to start taking cock, since you clearly have none to give.


~ by mistressdylan on February 20, 2010.

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