Getting what you deserve


Have you misbehaved? Been selfish? Treated women badly? Not given your Domme the respect she deserves?

I find CBT to be a delicious punishment for all those bad little sluts that don’t know their place. Or even the good ones that I just want to hurt for my own amusement. What can be more fun that crushing that pathetic little sack or trying to turn a cock into puree? I love to turn a supposed man into snivelling snot-nosed little boy with his nuts under my heel. I love to rope him up so tightly his tiny dick turns purple and his veins almost pop. Put his sorry excuse for a package into a vice and squeeze until his eyes roll back. Really the only time that I’d ever want to touch one of my sluts shrivelled little cocks or wrinkled balls is if I plan on squashing them like grapes.


~ by mistressdylan on February 23, 2010.

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